Golden/Turmeric Tea

Let’s stay healthy and happy together: make yourself, your roomie, lover, or neighbour some turmeric tea! Ready in 5 minutes.


Ingredients 2 cups


  • 3 parts*/3 tsp The Good Spice turmeric powder – in store –
  • 1 part/1 tsp ginger powder
  • 1 part/1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • ¼  part/ ¼ tsp fresh grounded black pepper (does it matter if it is fresh grounded? Yes, it does)
  • Agave syrup or hone
  • Oat milk or regular milk

Mix the spices together. Heat them up in a dry baking pan for about 2 minutes or until you begin to smell the spices.**Mix  1 tbsp of the spice mix with 1 tbsp of agave syrup or honey. I prefer agave because of its more subtle sweetness. Heat up the milk, make sure it does not cook. Stir one big teaspoon of the paste in the milk. 




*This recipe is for 2 cups of turmeric tea. You can also prepare a bigger batch of the paste for your next cup and the one after etc. The flavour of the paste will stay good up to three weeks.


**Why is this necessary? The toasting activates the oils in the spices and therefore gives them a stronger flavour. This counts for any dish you want to make with spices. If you use seeds spices (cumin, coriander etc.) then it is best the bake the whole seeds and ground them after.