Good for Nature

All our spices are organically produced. This means that our farmers do not use any harmful chemical pesticides or fertilizer. Most of our farmers work according to traditional methods that have been used for centuries.


Low prices and a focus on short-term profit by middlemen puts pressure on many traditional farmers touse chemical pesticides to create a short-term harvest security and increased yield. However, this has negative effects on the long term, such as land degradation, pollution, human health issues, decline of biodiversity and reduced product quality.

By offering traditional farmers a direct market and a higher price we enable them to continue using methods that avoid pesticides. This provides increased income and long-term security to develop their spices and increase their harvest, respecting nature. Most of our farmers get access to the international market for the first time.

In this way The Good Spice contributes to the amount of organically produced spices on the European market, now and in the future.

Why talk about organically produced and not organic.

Organic certification is an expensive process which is not affordable for most small-scale farmers. The Good Spice wants to fill this void and support these farmers to continue or further develop their way of production.  We create trust between the consumer and the farmer by facilitating dialog, do field visits and additional lab tests.

Some of our spice chains contribute positively to climate issues in other ways. Our black pepper comes from an agroforest on Sri Lanka and for our Curcuma Longa Lakadong we work together with the local government to develop the market as an alternative business to coal mining.


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