Our Short Supply Chain

In conventional supply chains at least eight parties (often more) will stand between you and the farmer. In the supply chains set up by The Good Spice this will be no more than four. 

The Good Spice searches for spices all around the world to find special varieties or places were the spices grow best. We look for passionate farmers to source the spices directly or work together with a knowledgeable local trader. Our spices are thus of single origin.

Partnerships planned in 2021 

The core of a short supply chain is a better division of power and the development of a shared understanding of trust. This makes it possible to work together on long-term goals, based on a shared interest in a more fertile soil and increased biodiversity. Everyone in our short supply chain is essential and dedicated to get the best spices on the European market, often for the first time. We pay our farmers at least 20% above the market price with the aim to increase this share as we develop together.

Ideally The Good Spice buys directly from farmers. However, this is not always effective or even possible. Every region has its own specific needs in terms of the supply chain.Every supply chain has its own story.

Island Black Pepper

Wild Ceylon Cinnamon

Curcuma Longa Lakadong

Hill ginger