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Really good flavours

We choose our spices because they are the most flavourful varieties or come from places where they grow best. Because they are sourced single origin – from one farmer or community – their special flavours will not get lost in a bulk product from many untraceable places.  They are harvested and dried by knowledgeable farmers. And most important: our short supply chain enables us to get the spices from the farmer to you in weeks instead of years. This freshness makes a world of difference.

Good for Nature

All our spices are organically produced by farmers who have been part of a tradition of working together with nature for centuries. By offering our farmers a direct market and a higher price, we enable them to develop their spices and increase their harvest in harmony with nature. Most of our farmers get access to the international market for the first time. In this way The Good Spice contributes to the amount of organically produced spices on the European market, now and in the future.

Good for the farmer

We partner directly with small-scale farmers and local traders, working together on shared long-term goals. Everyone in our short supply chain is essential and dedicated to get the best spices on the European market, often for the first time. We pay our farmers at least 20% above the market price with the aim to increase this share as we develop together.


The more you cook with our spices, the more farmers we can give a good price and the more organically produced spices we can import.

All our spice chains have their own story. Read more on the impact of each chain. 

Average % we pay the farmers more than the market price
Different spices
Number of farmers we work with
Amount of kg's organically produced spices imported
Mix it up

Ready-made herb and spice mixes are the easiest option. There is no denying that, but in 5 minutes you can make your own healthier herb mixes (less salt and E-numbers), adding your own style and flavour. 


The first mixes are coming soon!


Looking for some tasty inspiration: spice up your everyday meals or try something completely different. Sweets, soups, and smoothies and suppers: you will all find it here.

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