Really good Flavours

Everybody has their own taste. So, is it even possible to say something objective about the flavour and quality of spices?

Yes, there is!


What you experience as a flavour are many kinds of odour particles that tickle your nose. The most dominant kind is the characteristic taste of that spice. These odour particles are stored in essential oils in the spices (in the plant cells). The more particles are preserved from the moment the spices are sourced, the more flavours you will experience. To do so, the essential oils in the spice must be safeguarded.

Three Turmeric variants

There are five things that can affect these essential oils:


  1. Drying process – too dry, the oils will disappear; too wet, mould will enter soon.
  2. Storage – humidity will also give mould a good chance.
  3. Time – as time passes the odour particles will vanish.
  4. Grind – powdered cells that store the oils will be more damaged letting the particles escape.
  5. Natural surroundings – Due to natural circumstances some spice plants develop more oils than others. When not single origin sourced, these differences will get lost in the bulk product.

By sourcing the richest spice varieties, harvesting, drying and storing with care and getting them as quickly as possible from the farmer to you, our spices are super rich in flavour!


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