The Good Spice

Spices are gorgeous products whose flavours enable us to make our food (even more) enjoyable. They have been part of our diets for centuries, in some part of the world even for millenniums.

Recently our diet has been changing: borders between world kitchens are fading, we are looking for alternative flavours to minimize animal products and we have become very conscious of our health. All this has led to an increasing demand in spices worldwide.



“Really nice” you might say, but there is a but.


The current spice trade is based on a long supply chain that starts with anonymous small-scale farmers. Spices change hands eight times or more over years. The West European spice market is in the hands of a few big companies who have a strong influence on market prices, who profit from low prices, and whose assortment only contains few organically produced spices. 

The result? The spices you buy have lost most of their original flavour. The small-scale farmers become voiceless and faceless parts of the chain, who only get a small fraction of the selling price for their product. The spice production is increasingly contributing to soil pollution and decreased biodiversity.



“Time to show that it can be done differently” is what founder Iona Mulder thought. “Let’s change the spice trade together!”

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Iona Mulder founder

How it all started…..


Studying history and law, working as a researcher and consultant, I have always been a doer with a big passion for food. The idea for THE GOOD SPICE started in 2018 when my partner brought me a piece of cinnamon from Hong Kong. The taste of this cinnamon was so much better than any other I had tried before. That was when the fascination for spices and its market started. By doing volunteer work with direct-coffee traders, I realized which solutions this form of trade could bring. The seed was planted, I could not let go of the idea anymore.

I started a traineeship in social entrepreneurship as my previous studies did not teach me much in that field. I also began working as a chef in Middle Eastern restaurant to learn more about spices.In November 2019, a successful crowdfunding enabled my first spice journey to North East India to meet spice farmers. It was a big jump in the deep to see how things would go… It was a success. COVID-19 caused many extra obstacles and delays, but in December 2020 The Good Spice store opened its digital doors with the first two spices, and continues to extend the amount of farmer partners and spices.